Monthly Coaching Calls

All Of These Massively-Effective One-On-One Coaching Business Building Strategies Will Never Produce Their Maximum Value If You Don’t Follow Through And Actually Execute Them. To Create Even More Value And to Make Sure That You Actually Follow Through, A Monthly Teleconference Session Will Be Provided That Will Offer Q & A, Progress Check-Ins, Motivational Boosts And Reminders, And New And Improved Coaching And Business Strategies.

Special Questions and Answer One-on-One Coaching Session With Personal Trainer Bill Daniels

Here are the questions that Bill had for me before our coaching session began:

1) How do I get started finding clients online?

2) How do you structure a weekly meeting with a client?

3) How often do I mention selling them my services in a 52-week block (which makes perfect sense)? How do you handle vacations or weeks where you are otherwise unavailable?

4) How difficult is it to keep online clients accountable? Do you have suggestions on how to stay on top of people? Do you have more frequent contact with clients that don’t follow through?

5) What are some of the ways that you “over deliver” to your clients.

6) What kind of time commitment do you invest per client? What is a realistic client load?