Do You Walk Your Big Talk, Coach? (And I’m NOT Talking About Your Physical Body)

You can only expect your clients and potential clients to feel just as strongly about things in life as you do. You can only expect them to be willing to do what you, yourself, are willing to do.

To achieve real, sustainable success as a fitness coach and in life, you simply must actually do what you say. You have walk your talk. You must practice what you preach.

Don’t try to convince yourself that you can fool people. You can’t. Even if you do from time to time, your “success” won’t last long.

Don’t mistakenly believe that you are so clever or so charming that universal standards in life somehow don’t apply to you.

You’re only fooling yourself.

So . . . do you walk your big talk, coach?

Do you actually do what you want your clients and potential clients to do?

And, if you are thinking that I’m talking about training and eating to be healthy and fit or to look muscular and ripped, you’re WRONG in this case.

I’m sure you do that.

Most coaches and fitness professionals do.

That’s basic, entry level stuff.

I want to present to you a very important distinction that many coaches and fitness professionals fail to understand.

Because they fail to understand this universal truth, they can’t figure out why their coaching business doesn’t achieve the level of success they truly believe it should.

How much are YOU willing to invest in a qualified coach to improve in a challenging area of your own life (any aspect of business, personal relationships, finally getting past lifelong issues to be truly happy, etc.)?

Everyone can use a coach to take their efforts to a higher level faster and more effectively and more efficiently. You’ve probably told your clients this about fitness before, haven’t you?

If you aren’t actively investing in coaching for yourself, then you really don’t believe in and fully appreciate the POWER OF COACHING at a “Level 10 out of 10.”

How strongly you feel about coaching in your own life and what you are willing to do to get it will be a DIRECT REFLECTION on how well you do in the fitness coaching business.

The way that you, yourself, view investing your money, time, energy, hopes and dreams into qualified coaching to earn eventual success in your own life will set the stage for just how influential and credible you are as a coach to other people.

It will also establish the level of success that you can expect with your fitness coaching business.

The more you understand and appreciate that the quickest and most efficient way for you to think differently, take a different set of actions than the ones you are currently taking, learn new and better strategies, and actually achieve eventual success in life is to hire a qualified coach to speed up the process, the more influential you will become to your own clients.

Your chances to achieve the level of business success as a fitness coach that you really want get better and better.

The more you are willing to take risks and “leaps of faith” with your time, effort, and hopes for success and happiness with a qualified coach to help you in those areas of life that you struggle with, the more convincingly you’ll influence other people to take a leap of faith with you and your outstanding fitness coaching services.

Life doesn’t work in absolutes. Things aren’t always “black and white.” They’re not always simply “good” or “bad.” They’re not either one way or the other.

On a scale from 1 to 10, they’re not either an outstanding “10 out of 10” or a horrible “Zero out of 10.”
There are different degrees to everything in life.

So, on a scale from 1 to 10, just how much do you REALLY believe in the power of coaching?

Does success really leave clues like you tell other people?

Be honest with yourself.

Your personal success and happiness, as well as, your business success as a fitness professional are riding on that number you come up with.

What’s standing in YOUR way of investing in the “next level” business and life coaching that you already know that you could use?

What obstacles do you need to work through so that you can prove to yourself, your current clients, and your potential clients that you believe in the power of coaching 100 percent or a rock-solid “10” on a scale from 1 to 10?

Is it because you can’t afford coaching for yourself right now?

Is it because you are smart enough and determined enough to figure how to improve in those areas of life without the help of a qualified coach?

Is it because the areas of life that you know you could use some help improving just aren’t all that important for you to focus on right now? Maybe later they will become more important for you to work on?

Is it because your spouse wouldn’t approve of the financial investment costs needed for coaching? Have you actually asked your spouse this? Or, are you just assuming that he or she wouldn’t approve. If you have asked your spouse, how convincing, passionate, determined, and influential were you when you when you presented your argument on why it is so important for you to get coaching? How badly did you want it when you talked about it with your spouse (On a scale for 1 to 10)?

Are you convinced that, when you want to improve badly enough, you’ll get committed and disciplined to finally attack these areas of your life? Is that why you aren’t getting coaching for yourself right now?
Do you find it challenging to find someone who you can trust to deliver on their big promises that they make?

On some level, do you not completely trust that you’ll be as committed as you need to be during the oftentimes challenging process that’s standing in the way of the success that you “say” you want? Do you have references in the past of when you got yourself really excited to do whatever it took to succeed–and that fizzled out a lot sooner than you wanted?

Are you, yourself, not getting coaching right now because you are currently doing “better than most” even though you really aren’t where you want to be?

Whatever your reasoning might be for not getting coaching right now, your clients are going through some or all of those very same challenges.

Do you have empathy and understanding for the mental, emotional, and financial roadblocks that are standing in their way of success and fulfillment?

Do you view these as “excuses” that your clients and potential clients just need to stop making?

Do you have integrity-stacked, persuasive and sound rebuttals or counter-arguments that challenge their current way of thinking and help them make better decisions?

If you do, how much do you believe in your counter-arguments on a scale from 1 to 10? Do you have personal experiences in the past when you felt exactly the same way as they currently do–and you went against your feelings and eventually enjoyed tremendous benefits for doing so?

Would you encourage them to become more resourceful?

Would you encourage them to demonstrate more grit and determination?

What are those important points you’d make that will convince them to TAKE ACTION for the greater good in the long run despite their challenges?

Or, would you even try to convince them to reconsider their point-of-view?

When you encounter these situations as a coach and person of influence, do you just let them think about your offer to help them and tell them come back when they are “ready”?

Where are you on a scale from 1`to 10?

Again, be honest with yourself.

Your personal success and happiness, as well as, your business success as fitness professional are riding on that number you come up with.

Set yourself apart from the fitness “business as usual” and adopt the RESULTS-oriented Fitness-Centered Life Coaching philosophy.

Use Your BODY To Grab Their Attention. Use Your MIND To Change Their Lives.

Skip La Cour​
“The Fitness Coach’s Business & Life Coach”

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If you want to take your coaching skills and money-making ability to higher and higher levels, then you’ll want to invest in my brand-new digital coaching and fitness business course, Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step.

Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step – Course Overview

This Is An Overview Explaining How This Course Will Totally Transform Your Coaching Business, Your Clients’ Physical Bodies And Mindset, Your Confidence Level and Appreciation Of Your Self-Worth, And The Overall Quality Of Your Life Now And FOREVER.


  • Exploratory Conversation Step By Step
  • Organizing Principles To Fitness-Centered Life Coaching
  • Coaching Process And Journey Step By Step
  • Coaching Sessions Step By Step
  • Instructing Your Clients To Get The Most Value
  • 30 Life Coaching Lessons
  • Next Level Coaching Strategies

  • Bonuses:

  • Creating Your Own Digital Product Journal
  • Digital Product – 30-Day Sprint To The End Challenge
  • Members Only Website
  • Monthly Coaching Calls
  • Here’s A Look Inside The Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step Digital Course Website . . .

    Jeremy’s Testimonial . . .

    “In the last four months alone, we’ve raised our income $9,000 a month. In addition to that, we’ve had $21,000 paid up front in the last three weeks.”

    Jeremy Hughes – Fitness Studio Owner and Family Man

    Carl’s Testimonial . . .

    “I didn’t want to lose the security of my career and job. After a month or so with Skip’s coaching, I already had three clients and was making over $2,000 a month.”

    Carl Hagen

    Section One – Exploratory Conversation Step By Step

    34 Videos

    How A Perfectly Organized And Executed Exploratory Conversation Will Give You The Very Best Chance To Sign Up Enthusiastic Clients Willing To Pay You A Premium For Your Service And Help Both You And Your Client Make The Right Decision On Whether To Go On A One-On-One Coaching Journey Together.

    Section Two – Organizing Principles To Fitness-Centered Life Coaching

    10 Videos

    The 10 Organizing Principles To The Powerful And Results-Oriented Fitness-Centered Life Coaching Process That Will Give You More Confidence As A Coach, Produce Better Results For Your Clients, And Help You Stand Out Among The Competition.

    Section Three – Coaching Process And Journey Step By Step

    10 Videos

    The 10-Step Coaching Process And Journey That You’ll Take Your Clients Through That Creates Trust, Certainty, Confidence, Clear Direction, and Predictable Structure For Them–And For You.

    Section Four – Coaching Sessions Step By Step

    11 Videos

    The Structured And Massively-Effective 10-Step Process That Guarantees You’ll Deliver Powerful And Effective Coaching Sessions To Every Single One Of Your Clients Every Single Time You Coach Them.

    Section Five – Instructing Your Clients To Get The Most Value

    10 Videos

    The Top 10 Best Ways To Instruct Your Clients So They’ll Get The Most Out Of Their Coaching Journey With You And Produce Immediate, Undeniable Results That They’ll Really Appreciate.

    Section Six – 30 Insightful Life Coaching Lessons That Create Breakthroughs For Your Clients (And You)

    30 Videos

    30 Powerful Life Coaching Lessons That Will Automatically Double Your Uniqueness In The Fitness Industry And The Value You Offer As A Coach, Immediately Enable You To Connect With Your Clients At A Much Deeper Level, Totally Prepare You For Their Most Common Overall Life Challenges, Offer Them Effective Solutions, Instantly Make You Five-Times More Comfortable With Your Life Coaching Ability, And Take Your Own Overall Quality Of Life On An Amazing And Accelerated Growth Path.

    1. How To Control Your Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions From The Very Instant You Wake Up In Morning

    2. How To Give Yourself The Best Chance To Get Exactly What You Want From Every Single Situation You Enter

    3. How To Make Your Days More Productive And Get Closer To Using Your Talents and Abilities To The Fullest Potential

    4. How To Reach Your Really Big Goals In Life And Be Happy Every Single Day Of The Journey Until You Do

    5. How Adopting The Belief That You Already Have What You Need To Succeed Will Dramatically Change Your Life

    6. How Understanding That “Everything Is Hard Before It Becomes Easy” Keeps You Moving Forward During The Most Challenging Times

    7. How To Gain Instant Perspective During Challenging Times So That You Get Back On Track As Soon As Possible

    8. How To Present Yourself More Powerfully And Immediately Expand Your Influence

    9. How To Acquire The Poise And Patience Needed To Continually Work Toward Finally Solving Seemingly Insurmountable Challenges

    10. How Getting Yourself To Take More Decisive Action More Quickly Will Launch Your Productivity And Overall Quality Of Life To The Next Level

    11. How To Double Your Productivity By Using The Power Of Consistent, Believable, Deadlines That Create The “Perfect” Amount Of Pressure

    12. “The 10 Ten-Times/One-Tenth Tests”
    How To Make Sure That You’re Mentally And Emotionally Prepared To Achieve Any Ambitious Goal That You Set

    13. How Understanding The “80/20 Rule” Keeps You Focused When Results Don’t Come As Quickly As You Expected

    14. How To Determine If Your Are Taking Enough Risks, Big Enough Risks, And Taking Risks Quickly Enough To Really Reach Your Really Big Goals In Life

    15. How To Win Every Situation You Enter In Life And Impress The Hell Out Of Everyone Who Observes You Regardless Of The Outcome

    16. How To Continue Making Decisions That Drive You Forward After A Mistake Makes You Think You Should Slow Down And Play It Safe

    17. How Taking Full Responsibility For All Of The People You Allow Into Your Life And Their Influence On You Sets You Free To Be Happier And More Productive

    18. How To Choose The Right Role Models, Attract and Keep Influential Mentors Who Can Help You Succeed, And Use What They Have To Offer To Become The Most Powerful And Productive Version Of Yourself

    19. How To Get The Important People In Your Life To Willing And Enthusiastically Support Your Efforts

    20. How To Make Sure That Your Need For Approval Doesn’t Destroy Your Ability To Be A Powerful And Effective Leader

    21. “The Sweet Spot 30-Day Exercise” – How To Become The Person Who Can REALLY Make Their Big Goals In Life Happen

    22. How Learning About The “Hero’s Journey” Can Help You Appreciate What You’ve Done In The Past And Help You Plan Your Future

    23. “The Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich Trap” How Short-Term Victories Can Curb Your Appetite To Earn The Life You Really Want Without You Realizing It

    24. “The Template Mentality” – How Your Blueprint For Success May Limit Just How Much Of It You Can Actually Achieve

    25. How Holding On To Your “All In Or All Out” Identity And Belief About Yourself May Be Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals In Life And May Not Even Be True Anyway

    26. How To Get Yourself To Fully Appreciate The Pain And Discomfort You Experience During Your Journey And Use It To Become The Bigger, Stronger, And More Productive Person Who Really Achieves The Goals In Life That He Or She Really Wants

    27. How Allowing Yourself To Fully Feel All Of The Emotions That You Experience During Your Journey Will Allow You To Ultimately Enjoy All Of The Positive Emotions You Want To Experience In Your Life

    28. How To Make Sure That You’ve Done Everything You Can To Succeed BEFORE Moving On To Your Next New Great Idea

    29. How Your Commitment To Personal Growth And Development Can Prevent You From Reaching Your Goals In Life Without You Even Realizing It – The Top 6 Unexpected Traps That You Absolutely Must Avoid At All Costs!

    30. How The Unexpected Emotions Of “Guilt And Shame” During Your Personal Growth And Development Journey Could Destroy All Of Your Progress If You Aren’t Prepared And How To Effectively Work Past Them

    Section Seven – Next Level Coaching Strategies

    10 Videos

    Next Level Coaching Strategies And Insights That Will Help Your Clients Become Twice As Productive, Twice As Happy With What You Do For Them, And Eventually Double What You’ll Get Paid As A Coach.

    • Lead Generation – How To Create, Maintain, And Build Upon The Winning Mindset And Actions Needed To Attract A Continual Flow Of High-Quality People Willing To Invest In Your Premium Coaching Service
    • How To Mentally, Emotionally, And Strategically THRIVE During The Inevitable Up And Downs That You’ll Experience In Your One-on-One Fitness Coaching Business
    • How To Help Your Clients Work Past Negative Thinking Patterns Without Coming Across Like You’re A Psychiatrist
    • Three Different Communication Strategies That Have The Power To Give Your Clients Instant Perspective–But Also The Chance To Create Unexpected Disconnection
    • How Knowing How To Solve An Unexpected Challenge Ahead That’s Surprising Caused By Being An Outstanding Coach Will Help You Build A Better Business NOW
    • How Providing Your Premium One-on-One Coaching Clients With A Members Only Website Will Take Their Growth To A Much Higher Level, Allow You To Clearly Demonstrate Your Tremendous Value As A Coach, And Force You To Get Better In Business And In Every Other Area Of Your Life
    • How To Identify And Break Free From Being A Ineffective Quasi-Entrepreneur To A Powerful And Profitable Full-Fledged Entrepreneur
    • How A Personal Trainer Can Break Free From Low-Paying Hourly Grind And Develop The Mindset And Actions Needed To Build A Profitable, Time-Efficient Business That Serves People All Over The World
    • How To Learn And Execute The Critical Steps You Must Take To Quit Your Full-Time Safe And Secure Job And Pursue Your Passion To Help Others As A Fitness Coach
    • Planning The Next Stages Of Your Coaching Business


    As You Are Taking Your One-On-One Coaching Business To Higher And Higher Levels, You Also Want To Pay Attention To All Of The Information And Intelligence That You’ll Undoubtedly Gather And Use All Of It To Take Your Ability To Change People’s Lives And Make Even More Money With Your Coaching Business In The Future.

    Bonus #1 – Creating Your Own Digital Product Journal

    34 Videos

    With All Of The Experience And Insight That You Gain From Working With People So Intimately During All Of Your One-On-One Coaching Sessions, You Will Eventually Want To Take Your Business and Influence To Higher Levels. You Can Serve More People Just As Effectively When You Create A Digital Product. Follow This Journey As I Share With You The Many Distinctions And Strategies That I Learned While Creating Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step.

    Bonus #2 Digital Product – 30-Day Sprint To The End Challenge

    35 videos

    Follow Along As I Really Pushed Myself To Get This Digital Product Finished. Learn Everything I That I Learned About The Digital Product Creation Process, Business Mindset, Goal-Setting, And The Mental And Emotional Challenges That Sometimes Stand In The Way Of Us Achieving Our Goals.

    Bonus #3 – Members Only Website

    Get A Unique Insider’s Look At How I Run My Business And My Life That I Normally Reserve Strictly For My Most-Committed Weekly One-On-One Coaching Clients. You’ll See How I Plan And Review My Days, Weeks, Months, Total Mindset, And Entire Life With Daily Videos, Audios, And Much More.

    Bonus #4 – Monthly Coaching Calls

    All Of These Massively-Effective One-On-One Coaching Business Building Strategies Will Never Produce Their Maximum Value If You Don’t Follow Through And Actually Execute Them. To Create Even More Value And to Make Sure That You Actually Follow Through, A Monthly Teleconference Session Will Be Provided That Will Offer Q & A, Progress Check-Ins, Motivational Boosts And Reminders, And New And Improved Coaching And Business Strategies.

    Dean’s Testimonial . . .

    “I have a renewed interest in this business that I was ready t give up on. I have made more money than I have in years. Becoming that man that I really want to be; that man I want my son to look up to; that’s what it’s all about.”

    Dean Correia – Personal Trainer for over 20 years

    Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step Digital Course
    Lifetime Access To Members Only Website

    Exploratory Conversation Step By Step

    34 videos – Over 7 hours of instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Value $2,000.00

    Powerful and Effective Coaching Sessions Step By Step

    11 video – Over 4 hours over instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Value $1,000.00

    30 Insightful Life Coaching Lessons That Create Breakthroughs For Your Clients (And You)

    30 videos – Over 12 hours of instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Value $2,000.00

    Successful Coaching Business Essentials Package

    • Fitness-Centered Life Coaching Organizing Principles

    • Coaching Journey and Process Step By Step

    • Instructing Your Clients To Get The Most Value

    • Next Level Coaching Business Strategies

    40 videos – Over 8 hours of instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Value $1,000.00


    Digital Product Creation Process Business Package

    • Creating Your Own Digital Product Journal

    • 30-Day “Sprint To The End Challenge”

    79 videos – Over 15 hours of instruction . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Value $1,000.00

    Monthly Group Coaching Calls

    Group Coaching Conferences Call Every Month (Yearly) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Value $1,200.00

    Lifetime Access Into

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    Complete Package With Bonuses

    194 Videos – Over 46 hours of instruction . . . Value $9,000.00

    Regular Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step Digital Course Investment Price

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    The Entire Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step Business And Life Digital Course

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    12 Convenient Low Monthly Payment Price:

    The Entire Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step Business And Life Digital Course

    12 Payments . . . Only $187.00 for 12 months
    (Total $2,244.00)

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    <strong>Questions?</strong></h1><br> If you have any questions about <em>Fitness Expert To Life Coach Step By Step</em>, feel free to set up a time for you and me to talk on the phone.</p> <p><strong><em>Skip La Cour</em></strong><br> "The Fitness Coach's Business & Life Coach" <br><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><br />
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